Tegrity Campus is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid, 'flipped classes" and online courses to record lesson, lectures, and skills. Its personalized learning features make study time incredibly efficient and its ability to affordably scale brings this benefit to every student on campus. Patented search technology and real-time LMS integrations make Tegrity the market-leading solution and service.

For Technologists

Tegrity Campus with its AAIRS™ integration technology offers unparalleled levels of automation, and virtually unlimited scalability.

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For Institutions

Tegrity is a powerful learning tool that improves student retention, recruitment and satisfaction through greater academic achievement.

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For Instructors

Tegrity’s unmatched ease of use and transparent operation mean instructors don’t have to change their style of teaching.

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For Students

Tegrity makes study time incredibly efficient and lets students learn anywhere, anytime, on just about any device.

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