Since 1995, Tegrity has been improving student retention, course completion and student satisfaction at hundreds of leading colleges and universities around the world.

Features for Institutions

Tegrity’s powerful learning features improve academic achievement by making study time incredibly efficient; and its fully-automated operation lets institutions affordably scale campus-wide - bringing the benefits to all students.

Fully automated workflow

Tegrity’s advanced integration fully-automates the lecture capture workflow so that institutions of all sizes, regardless of IT resources, can enjoy the benefits of Tegrity lecture capture.

Centralized policy setting

Features and policies can be administered and enabled or disabled at the institution level.

Measure usage and outcomes

Thanks to its advanced integration technology, Tegrity reporting drills down to the user-level. The Outcomes Analysis report then correlates this detailed usage data with grades to determine the overall impact Tegrity is making on learning.

Brand representation

The Tegrity interface can be easily customized, including the logo, color scheme, text and images to accurately represent your institution’s brand.

Closed captioning

Ensure section 508 compliance with Tegrity’s automated closed captioning capability.

Added Features for System-Wide Deployments

System-level policy setting

Features and policies can be administered and enabled or disabled at the system level. Policies or features that are enabled or disabled can be locked at a specific setting, or left open for each institution to set individually based on their own policies.

Individual school branding

For systems, each school within the system can maintain their own brand identity by customizing the look and feel of their Tegrity interface, while still being tied to the overall system from a management and reporting perspective.

System-level reporting

Reports for each school within the system, as well as summary reports reflecting system-wide usage and activity are available with system-wide Tegrity deployments. This provides systems with the ability to correlate usage with outcomes in order to measure the impact Tegrity is having on the system as a whole, as well as for each individual school within the system. - WSO 2.5.1
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