Tegrity’s flexible pricing model makes lecture capture affordable for deployments both large and small, with hourly or FTE-based pricing.

Flexible Pricing Model


Both affordable and highly flexible; hours-based plans can be used anywhere within the institution and are not limited to specific departments, classrooms or instructors.

  • Purchased in packs of 250 hours of recording
  • For reference, each 250 hour pack typically covers 10 to 15 courses
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Service delivery and content storage handled by the High-Performance Tegrity Cloud
  • If hours are exceeded in the middle of a semester, there is a grace period until the start of the next semester


Pricing based on number of FTE (full-time equivalent students). For institutions that plan on deploying lecture capture at scale, this is often the most cost-effective option.

  • Virtually unlimited recording hours
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Service delivery and content storage handled by the High-Performance Tegrity Cloud
  • Optional local content storage and delivery available
  • Call Tegrity for a price quote

Tegrity offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any lecture capture solution. Here’s why:

  • No servers or classroom-based appliances to purchase install or maintain
  • Cloud-based service delivery and content storage offer rapid deployment and virtually unlimited scalability
  • Automated workflow eliminates manual work for IT
  • Easy for instructors – no training required
  • Selected “Best in category” and “Top 10” for customer satisfaction by the IMS Global Learning Consortium

Contact us today to learn how to buy Tegrity Campus for your institution. For additional information, see Deployment. - WSO 2.5.1
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