Tegrity immerses students in an interactive and collaborative learning environment that makes study efficiency soar.

Features for Students

Much more than simple viewing of a recording, Tegrity lets students search and bookmark content, take notes, and collaborate with instructors and fellow classmates in order to make learning incredibly efficient.

The Basics

View from anywhere, anytime, on just about any device.

View recordings on a PC, Mac or mobile device using a standard web-browser. Tegrity’s intuitive interface with a detailed timeline and associated thumbnails make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Search for any word presented in class

Search for any word or phrase presented in class. Unlike other solutions, Tegrity doesn’t require an instructor to do anything for search metadata to be captured. Tegrity’s patented Search Anything™ technology automatically captures any text presented on screen, and search results include matches across the entire course, not just a single class recording.

Stream recordings directly to your mobile device with the Tegrity Mobile App.

The Tegrity Mobile App let’s students stream content over the air to their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. For more on the Tegrity Mobile App, click here.

PowerNotes™ takes note taking to the next level

Take notes live in class or during review with PowerNotes. When your instructor says something you want to go back and review, simply click a button in the PowerNotes™ interface to insert a Bookmark that, when clicked, will take you back to that exact point in the recording. To learn more about PowerNotes™, click here.

Connect with classmates and instructors

Much more than chat, Tegrity Connect™ is a contextual social learning feature that automatically builds collaboration lists based on real-time enrollment data. Messages sent through Tegrity Connect™ includes a link that, when clicked, takes the recipient of the message to the exact point in the recording the sender was watching when they sent it. This shared context makes it easy for students to collaborate with fellow classmates and instructors in order to learn more efficiently. Tegrity Connect™ enables private conversations as well as course-wide discussions.

Beyond Basics

Control Playback Speed

Speed up or slowdown playback, while keeping the tone of your instructor’s voice natural. Medical students can whizz through a large amount of content in no time, and ESL students can slow down playback to more easily understand their instructor.

Resume Playback

Since Tegrity knows who you are, it remembers the last point you were viewing in a recording, and gives you the option to resume playback at that specific point – making it easy to pick up where you left off after your last study session.

Expand any window full-screen

Any pane within the Tegrity interface can be maximized for full-screen viewing, making it easy to focus in on the visual aspect you find most important.

Print what’s presented in class

Whatever your instructor presented in class can be printed, and your instructor doesn’t even have to upload the document or file. Tegrity automatically creates high-quality printable slides for each chunk of content presented in class.

Download the recording to your desktop

Assuming this feature is enabled by your institution, you can download the recording locally in order to view later on without a network connection.

Download a podcast or MP3 version of the recording

If your device doesn’t support streaming, or you won’t have a network connection available, recordings can be downloaded as podcasts, enhanced podcasts or MP3 files.