Tegrity immerses students in an interactive and collaborative learning environment that makes study efficiency soar.

Benefits to Students

Efficient Study Time

After analyzing countless hours of student viewing activity, we’ve found that the typical student will watch, on average, 15 fragmented minutes of an hour-long recording; looking for the specific content they need to review. Tegrity's Search Anything™ and Smart Bookmarks™ features make it easy for them to quickly find what they’re looking for, making study time ultra-efficient.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Students can view Tegrity recordings wherever and whenever it is convenient for them, on their PC, Mac or mobile device. They can even stream the recordings to their mobile device over a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

Learning Through Collaboration

Tegrity Connect enables students tap into the power of social learning by letting them easily reach out to instructors and fellow students in order to get help when needed.


Many of today’s students have multiple demands on their time. Whether it’s a non-traditional student balancing their academic, family and work responsibilities, or a student athlete who can often miss up to 30% of their classes, Tegrity provides flexibility to help them better meet these challenges.

Higher Course Satisfaction

Surveys consistently show that more than 80% of students using Tegrity are more satisfied with their courses that use Tegrity as compared to those that do not.

Level Playing Field for ESL Students

ESL students can often be at a disadvantage, as they may have trouble understanding some of what is said in class the first time around. Tegrity’s unique playback speed adjustment feature lets ESL students slow down playback so they can better understand what the instructors is saying. Tegrity will maintain the natural tone of speech, despite the slower speed. Students of ESL instructors also find this feature very helpful. - WSO 2.5.1
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